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Candidates Portal

How this works:

At Reich People Solutions, We focus on fostering healthy relationships. We work hard to find the right position matching your skill-sets, level of experience and your job preferences to the right company and desired position. We achieve this by working closely with you to learn about your career goals such as industry preference, company size, commute distance and financial requirements. We are looking for right people in all Industry verticals. Specifically we specialize and seem to always in the look out for people in the following areas:

What we offer:

Our Code of Conduct for Professionals

1. Not to divulge identity and details of an individual to any customer without prior concurrence of the Person concerned.
2. Not to exaggerate the facts and oversell any job or company.
3. Take due care while recruiting a customer.
4. Understand individual's career objectives and refer only those positions, which help the person to achieve one's objective.
5. Provide as much details as possible to the individual.
6. Keep the communication with the individual as discreet as possible. While calling at their office
7. Be courteous and helpful to all persons calling REICH’s office.
8. Not to discuss individual or with any individual in public place.
9. Use telephonic interaction to maximum and avoid frequent physical meetings.
10. Not to forget and ignore above

Keys to successful Interview:

Interviews are a crucial step in your quest to landing your dream job. The success of your interview can determine your future. Here at Ocean Dolphin Ships Management, we want to help you through this process and give you every tool possible to help you achieve your career goals. Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, we have provided you with some important tips which will help you prepare for your interview. These keys will help to guide you through the interview process.